Mizuki route where Aoba doesn’t break his mind completely, and he’s only out of commission for a day or two, and he ends up joining Aoba to go to Platinum Jail.

The effects aren’t completely gone from Mizuki’s mind, so when they face off Toue, Toue uses the Dye Music to “switch on” Mizuki’s brainwashing. Aoba is forced to use Scrap on him again, but is TERRIFIED he’s going to hurt Mizuki.

He learns about Mizuki’s past, about how and why he made Dry Juice, and his fears about it disbanding. Aoba chooses the right words this time, and brings Mizuki back. The tower collapses.

The route ends with Aoba admitting is love for Mizuki, and asking Mizuki to join Dry Juice, and Mizuki is so elated he starts crying. Mizuki tattoos him, and gets a new, matching Dry Juice tattoo on himself too.

The bad end would probably have to do with Mizuki’s brainwashed self completely consuming him and it makes him dangerously possessive of Aoba. He forces Aoba into joining Morphine and tattoos the mark on Aoba personally, completely against Aoba’s will. The mind control ink consumes Aoba too and he ends up falling under Morphine’s influence as well.

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best girl and prince


Adorable Mikorin ♥ !


mikorin the shoujo heroine of my heart


tsukiyama + kaneki (tokyo ghoul)

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Never Lose Your Smile

Robin (requested by kingofthepineapples)

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This doesn’t look like I wanted to be, but it’s still good! Sorry If I made him too bloody, but I really wanted to make a gore fanart. Hope you like it!

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nO pEeKiNg ;0)

cale and i were up till like 2am talking about OTP feels and they wanted gamkar so i doodled this /looks at hands/